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Transformational Thought Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Ex-Organised Crime Figure & International Peace Prize Nominee, Stephen Gillen overcame it all. From war-torn Belfast, poverty, abandonment, behavioral & criminality problems, Mental health & addiction issues…years of imprisonment, having to resettle into society, overcome challenges, trauma, and adversity – now a leader in the executive training of transformation, a media personality whose bestselling autobiography is being made into a major film, and serial entrepreneur & CEO of Roar Media Creative Studios who has built over 400 successful businesses and brands – Stephen is focused on his life mission “YOU, AND YOUR TRANSFORMATIVE SUCCESS!”

"What is most important is what we become, not that we have fallen & may fail along the way."

- Stephen Gillen

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What is the Resilience Code?

The Resilience Code is an educational system designed to unlock men’s greatness and help achieve their higher goals of success in life & business. It is also built to help the families and wider relationships of men who are intent on positive change. Based on the well documented experience & history of Stephen Gillen, his dark and destructive past, his meteoric transformation and International Successes, this is a program that can guarantee meaningful change. Stephen has walked many challenging paths, overcome addiction, escaped a life of crime and healed his traumatic past in a standalone way.

These sets of programs are intensive, supportive, and specifically tailored for men, families and people with challenging pasts, trauma, addiction issues, or criminality problems, and who wish to break free from the past and other negative destructive ways of living and being.