We have put together a powerful education model to inspire, guide and teach men to unlock their true path to finding the skills, internal engineering and resilience they need for a healthy, happy and safe life, and to becoming successful on many levels. Stephen Gillen personally presents the Resilience Code, infusing the teachings with the great insight and depth that he has gained from his dark, traumatic and challenging past. Key experts from around the world on amazing disciplines will also speak on explosive topics throughout the year. Stephen Gillen is focused on changing the lives of men, and their surrounding and immediate family members, who are ready to take their greatness helping to change the future and people to develop, stabilize and create bold, brave and wonderful lives.


Stephen Gillen was born into adversity, and told he would never be able to overcome his past mistakes, never achieve anything, and that he would amount to nothing. They said, he didn’t have the right skills, the right background or education & that he didn’t come from the right family or environment… He proved them all wrong! Exploding these myths and destructive sets of negative programming, he and the Resilience Code team work from a can do, can grow, can repair mindset. We resist picking comfort over courage, and old ways of behaviour not serving you when we know how successful you can be, and that you can rapidly become happy, secure and successful in whatever you choose to become beyond what you thought possible…

In the academy we have great content that is put together in easy modules to learn and interact with. There will be downloadable lessons, online classes, path-finding workshops, live events, seminars, other amazing opportunities and workshops. We host a vibrant and happy community that are making progress with themselves, their most important inner circle and influential networks and social contacts and communities.

"What is most important is what we become, not that we have fallen & may fail along the way."

- Stephen Gillen

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